Sainsbury Collection

It’s great to celebrate the achievements of the past, but even better to build on them

The Sainsbury Collection is a carefully curated selection of the very best in furniture design from the early 18 th century to the present day. From beds to bookcases, from consoles to cabinets, the Sainsbury Collection offers a diverse range of furniture allowing clients to furnish an entire house or select special one-off pieces. The scope of the workshop is not limited to interiors; the collection also includes a selection of inspiring pieces for the garden.

With a disposition towards classical design, the creative motivation for the collection comes from the designs of the great makers of the past; Robert Adam, William Kent and Thomas Chippendale to name but a few and historically significant pieces are continually being added to the collection.

All our pieces are made in exactly the same way as the originals and finished in our Dorset workshops by a team of dedicated and talented craftsmen. The size and finish of each piece can be made according to the client’s requirements.

Jonathan Sainsbury has an extraordinary depth of knowledge of period furniture and is able to draw on this to create what is almost the impossible. The attention to detail on every aspect of their work from the carved mouldings to the hinges and locks on the furniture is second to none and evidence of the immense pride his craftsmen take in their work.

Mark Gillette