the rebirth of an english country house

St Giles Mirrors for the Earl of Shaftesbury

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One of the most thrilling commissions we have had recently, with a fascinating story behind it, was for a pair of magnificent mirrors for my dear friend Nick Ashley-Cooper, the 12th Earl of Shaftesbury…

Pitzhanger Manor

Pitzhanger Manor Revealed

Jonathan Sainsbury Commissions

I have long been an admirer of Sir John Soane. In fact, my home in Dorset which features a fabulous collection of artistic schools and styles ranging from the ancient world to the early nineteenth century, has often been likened by friends to the Sir John Soane Museum! …

The New Elegance

The New Elegance by Timothy Corrigan

Jonathan Sainsbury Books

We have worked alongside top American interior designer Timothy Corrigan for many years and so are thrilled to have some of our projects showcased so beautifully in Timothy’s recently launched book, ‘The New Elegance’. In the book he shares eleven …

Furniture Inspiration

Take Inspiration from our NEW website page

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The aim of our new Inspiration page is to give you an alternative source of beautiful furniture designs. We hope it will give you an immediate indication of the broad range of furniture that we can make…

Temple of Poseidon

Temple of Poseidon (or Hera)

Jonathan Sainsbury Tales from the workshop

Although we are best known for our classical furniture we are also skilled at creating replica models of ancient classical buildings from architectural drawings. One such recent commission was for a replica of the truly impressive Temple of Poseidon (or Hera), at Paestum, by a client in Oxfordshire who is a Grand Tour collector…