Bespoke Dressing Room Island

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If you have plenty of space a dressing room island, like this one we have recently completed for a country house, provides the ultimate in luxury and design. The expertise in craftsmanship is evident throughout: the whole island is covered in fine hand dyed calf hide with white gold tooling and each draw has a bespoke interior finish. The design features allow for everything from jewellery to shoes and accessories to clothing to be easily stored and organised.

Carving a niche by Jonathan Sainsbury

admin Comment

I am often asked why we do what we do. Why did we change direction from a successful family antiques business to designing and creating wonderful reproduction furniture?

During my early years in the family business, when my passion lay solely in finding and supplying high-end antiques, there was no limit to my frustration at being unable to source items which were extremely difficult, if not impossible, to come by. Now, with our ability to make exactly what is required for the client, this constant disappointment has been replaced by a passion to create the very best in furniture design.
We are seeing an increase in demand for historically accurate and absolutely beautifully made copies of Georgian and Regency furniture. The last decade has seen a huge resurgence in large country houses being restored as complete undivided houses, as well as new period properties being built. Now if a client has, say, a Georgian manor house which lends itself to the designs of the great makers from that era, Thomas Chippendale and William Kent to mention just a couple, we can make furniture to complement the house exactly. Similarly, we can make furniture to perfectly fit a particular space in a house, apartment or hotel.

I had one particular client who for over 10 years had been trying to locate a matching pair to his original William Kent bench. He was delighted to be able to cease his search when he discovered that we could make an exact copy for him.

With our heritage in antiques going back 100 years, our access to the extensive Sainsbury family archives combined with having the most skilful craftsmen we are able to make pieces that I hope even Kent and Chippendale would be delighted with!